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We are a proud producer of microgreens grown from certified organic seeds in organic soil. We are your local knowledgeable and friendly garden supply store and microgreens producer.

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What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are a vegetable green, harvested after sprouting as shoots that are used both as a visual and flavor component or ingredient primarily in fine dining restaurants. Fine dining chefs use microgreens to enhance the attractiveness and taste of their dishes because of their delicate textures and distinctive flavors. Like sprouts, they are a concentrated nutrient source and packed with beneficial enzymes.

Our Microgreens are grown from 100% Organic and Non-GMO seed. We source our seeds from a very special company called True Leaf Market a trusted non-GMO and USDA Organic seed source since 1974. We are certified organic by Oregon Tilth which was completed by December 15th 2018. 



Storing Your Live Microgreens

You can keep your tray alive and harvest as needed for the freshest and most nutritious microgreens. Water when tray feels light with 3 to 4 cups water poured into the bottom tray.

How to Harvest Your Microgreens

Use a very sharp chef’s knife for best results, or culinary scissors also work well. Cut about a half inch above the soil line. Rinse your fresh cut microgreens and dry using a salad spinner before storing in the fridge.

Microgreens Varieties

Currently we have various radish, broccoli, sunflower, beet, kohlrabi, fava bean, and pea microgreens available in 10 x 20 trays. Mixed trays can be made available by request. More microgreen varieties will be available soon. 10 x 10 trays are now available! “Some of the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest Microgreens on the market!”

Our Products and Services

  • Fresh to order organic and non-GMO microgreens
  • Choice microgreens that are nutritional and flavorful
  • Quality service and satisfaction guaranty
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Open 10-5 Monday-Saturday

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