What makes a tree surgeon successful? We have tried to find the definitive answer to this question for the last ten years. In the meantime, Green Solutions has become one of the leading tree doctoring and maintenance contractors in London. But our business success has not stopped us from asking the question above. 

Tree Maintenance Is Not For Everyone

It is a tough job that demands a lot, both physically and mentally. The physical aspect is self-evident – anybody who has ever tried to cut a large branch from a tree ten feet above the ground would attest to that. But many people (including some in the industry) overlook the mental aspect of the job. Being a tree surgeon entails multiple risks for serious injury, especially when you work on larger trees. Apart from falling, you should always be mindful that you work with powerful and potentially dangerous tools – above all chainsaws. You cannot let your guard down even for a second – a tree surgeon must be sharp at all times about his task and the surroundings. 

Do not get us wrong – tree surgeons are not overstressed people who feel under siege 24/7. However, you must possess a certain mental and physical fortitude to succeed in the business.

You Must Feel Passionate About The Job

Most of the leading tree surgeons in London understand the ramifications of what they do. A wrong approach or a poorly performed job may cause irretrievable damage to a tree, let alone one’s reputation. As far as emergency services are concerned, our customers often call us for dangerously hanging or half-broken branches that may cause serious problems if not removed quickly. It is particularly gratifying to assuage their anxiety or prevent accidents – even more so when time is the determining factor. 

Every Tree Counts

Why do many Londoners leave the central areas of the city for the suburbs. One of the main reasons is the lack of greenery and open space in the former for the latter’s lavish forests and public parks. Forget about clean air (though trees do help) – a majestic oak or a homely chestnut changes the whole outlook of a neighbourhood, and we have not even mentioned the orchard trees in house gardens!

Do you really need extra motivation to go to work if you know that you can do something to prolong the lifespan of a tree? If you do, you should probably look for another profession.