If there is any problem with your trees, we are here to solve it! The Green Solutions Tree Services team offers a genuinely hassle-free customer experience – from your first call to the final inspection. We feel responsible for every job we take and invest all our effort and knowledge accordingly.

Preliminary Consultations

Before we go to maintenance or doctoring, however, we must find out what is wrong with your tree. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for anything that troubles you – a change in the bark colour, some branches suddenly going dry, or the latest storm damage. We may talk on the phone or – if the problem sounds serious – visit your address and take a look. 

Please remember that all such preliminary consultations are FREE OF CHARGE.

Tree Inspection

Once we establish there is a problem, the next step is to understand its nature. Our arborists possess outstanding knowledge of tree biology and more than enough real-life practice. When they arrive at your address, they will be looking for the following alarming signs:

  • Fungal infestation – usually close to the ground
  • First signs of rotting and bark decay
  • Dead branches 
  • Cavities
  • Storm or wind damage.

We may inspect the tree from the ground or have a closer look at the crown by drone (aerial inspection).

Dead Branch Removal

Once located, dead branches must be removed as quickly as possible. The tricky part is to cut them at the proper length without hurting the main trunk or causing damage to other parts of the tree. Whenever possible, we will avoid using chainsaws, as their vibrations are harmful to the tree.

We also remove broken branches as a result of strong wind or rainstorms.

Crown Trimming

The service delivers excellent results in the following cases:

  • Your tree has decided to grow in the “wrong” direction, creating problems for your property (roof, gutters, windows, etc.). Cutting a branch or two will not affect the crown and will change the path of growth. 
  • You are worried that the crown overshadows everything around. A bit of maintenance pruning will work wonders for the garden.
  • Safety reasons. You might want to remove heavy branches that look unstable, growing over sidewalks and kids’ playgrounds. 

Emergency Tree Doctoring

Life is full of unpleasant surprises, and you need a quick appointment with a reliable tree surgeon. Our company is one of the few contractors in the capital that offers same-day appointments to any address in the Greater London area.

Hedge Maintenance And Trimming

Garden hedges need attention too! From one-off shaping and pruning to regular maintenance, we can provide you with affordable help that will keep your garden in pristine condition!

Tree Residue Removal And Recycling

We have performed the necessary crown pruning and dead branch removal, but what are you supposed to do with all that woodchop?! Have no worries, we will remove it for you! Even better, we will do it in a responsible and eco-friendly way!